Testimonial: Steven & Denise

“From the moment my wife and I contacted Paul, he lead us step by step through the mortgage process for our new home in Saint Paul.  He and his amazing team kept us updated on changing rates, what questions and documentation would be required for our mortgage, and in the end, provided us with a solid mortgage with very competitive rates.  During any closing, the buyers of a home usually have the lion’s share of paperwork and problems in coordinating the purchase.  It really is a testament to Paul and his team’s attention to detail, in dealing with the banks and the title company, that we were finished with the closing before the sellers of the home.  The sellers had to deal with separate payments, and bank issues.  In contrast, all of our paperwork was completed, and the funds properly transferred.  All my wife and I had to do was sign.  I would recommend Paul and his team at American Mortgage very highly!”


Steven & Denise, St Paul.

Testimonial: Jake and Teri

“We have worked with Paul on two different occasions and have been super impressed with his ability to get us an improved financial outcome.  Most recently, Paul called us out of the blue and suggested that after his review he thought he could help us out again.  Within one month of our initial discussion, we had closed on a refinancing of our home mortgage, that ticked virtually every box on financial improvements!  We were able to lower our interest rate; consolidate two loans into one; lower our monthly payment and pay off our mortgage in almost three less years.  We couldn’t be happier with Paul’s professionalism, friendliness and the excellent outcome that he delivered!

Jake and Teri R.”

KEITH and chopper

Velaski duo


Keith and Luke posing with the chopper Keith flies in for his work, hopefully you will never need Life Links services!   Yet another strong showing from our father/son tandem team at Chequamegon, proud of you guys!

Buck Hill

We are always so excited for Thursday nights at Buck Hill racing with our friends and enjoying all of our extended Penn Cycle family.



Borah Epic

Enjoyed chasing the race and shooting pictures with Lucy though the hoots of joy from racers made me wish I was in the mix.  Enjoy the pictures.