Testimonial: Steven & Denise

“From the moment my wife and I contacted Paul, he lead us step by step through the mortgage process for our new home in Saint Paul.  He and his amazing team kept us updated on changing rates, what questions and documentation would be required for our mortgage, and in the end, provided us with a solid mortgage with very competitive rates.  During any closing, the buyers of a home usually have the lion’s share of paperwork and problems in coordinating the purchase.  It really is a testament to Paul and his team’s attention to detail, in dealing with the banks and the title company, that we were finished with the closing before the sellers of the home.  The sellers had to deal with separate payments, and bank issues.  In contrast, all of our paperwork was completed, and the funds properly transferred.  All my wife and I had to do was sign.  I would recommend Paul and his team at American Mortgage very highly!”


Steven & Denise, St Paul.

Testimonial: Jake and Teri

“We have worked with Paul on two different occasions and have been super impressed with his ability to get us an improved financial outcome.  Most recently, Paul called us out of the blue and suggested that after his review he thought he could help us out again.  Within one month of our initial discussion, we had closed on a refinancing of our home mortgage, that ticked virtually every box on financial improvements!  We were able to lower our interest rate; consolidate two loans into one; lower our monthly payment and pay off our mortgage in almost three less years.  We couldn’t be happier with Paul’s professionalism, friendliness and the excellent outcome that he delivered!

Jake and Teri R.”

Testimonial: Tony B

Paul  really worked hard for us when Angie and I refinanced our home in 2010.  He shopped numerous lenders and informed us daily of the best available rates.  With his knowledge of interest rate trends, he confidently guided us to lock in at a really sweet rate, and that enabled us to refinance from a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage!

Not only that, Paul was happy to get us approved for a line of credit six months later, and all it took was a phone call.

Paul Krawczyk is enthusiastic about service.  He is proud of the business he’s built, and I recommend him to everyone I know.

Tony B


Testimonial : Megan A & Bulmaro S

Working with you and your entire team was a pleasure. I have heard many stories of how stressful going through a home purchase can be. That was not the case with our first home purchase. Everything went very smoothly, from start to finish.  If we did have a question it was promptly answered.

The customer service provided by your team was outstanding and we would recommend you to any friends or family and will return to you for any future needs we may have.

Thank you for making our experience stress free and enjoyable, we love our new home, thank you for all your help and for providing us with the very best service.

Until next time,


Megan and Bulmaro

Testimonial / Cynthia Y

I had a unique situation to refinancing my home with many hurdles to overcome.

Paul was wonderful through the entire process and kept reassuring me and taking care of every little detail and there were many.

I would recommend Paul to anyone as a wonderful and supportive loan officer.

Thank you for making the process I was dreading easier and an great experience.


Cynthia Y

Testimonial | Maggie B

“I needed help with a mortgage buy-out several years ago. I sought referral from my trusted source. Enter… Paul Krawczyk… I could see he was an athlete, and I very much appreciated the skills that make him an excellent biker and skier. He’s precise, takes advantage of risk at the calculated moment, and moves quickly. I was very comfortable asking rookie questions. Financial decisions are important, and his expertise soothed me.   Paul has also been a great resource in assisting me transition all my insurance, a task I was dreading. I now pay less per month and have a much more comprehensive package. I am so glad to be connected to Paul Krawczyk! ”

Maggie B

Testimonial | Sandri D

‘Paul was really great to work with.  He’s professional, very knowledgeable and down to earth.  He gave us great advice when we were refinancing our home and took care of every little detail along the way.  We’ll definitely use him again should the occasion arise. – Sandri and Jason R’

Sandri D

Testimonial | John M

Paul has helped guide us through the mortgage process on multiple occasions. His guidance has made a big difference in our lives. He has helped us think through options – like shorter term with a lower interest rate or longer term with a little higher rate. We are relatively smart people but the mortgage process is beyond us. Paul explains the process in ways that anyone can understand and he takes the surprises out. Plus, he is an all around great guy and a pleasure to work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

John M

Testimonial | Jason G

Paul’s relaxed demeanor and friendly approach remain consistent through the entire real estate transaction. During this process, he is part guide, part friend, part confidant, and most importantly, a trusted advisor. His years of experience shine through, as there are no nuances or challenges that Paul and his team have not addressed.

Paul addressed all our questions and provided insight into the home buying process that left us not only informed of the process, but confident in our decision. With our past home purchases, there have been transactional items that I have never fully understood, leaving me with a bit of concern and questioning whether or not those involved were representing my best financial interests. With Paul’s involvement, I was confident in the process and our choices along the way.

I can’t speak highly enough of Paul and his team of real estate professionals…world class!

Jason G.

Testimonial | Shakeer A and Family

I enthusiastically recommend Paul Krawczyk as a Loan Officer.  Paul went above and beyond the ordinary effort in making sure that we were in our new home by the first of the year.  We had a very short window to close on our home as we were relocating to the Twin Cities area and Paul was in constant communication with me about the status of our loan and the process.  Through emails and phone calls, I was able to get Paul all of the necessary information for us to close quickly and on time.  Thanks to Paul we were in our house in time to avoid the polar vortex.  If you are in the market to buy a new home- Paul Krawczyk is my top choice.  When we get ready to buy our next home, I’m going with Paul again! Thanks for all of your hard work on our behalf!


Shakeer A and Family