What to expect in your mortgage process?

  1. Initial 10-15 minute no-cost phone analysis of your situation.  We will determine your goals, expectations, and time frame. Schedule a follow-upcall.
  2. Follow-up call presenting available solutions and possible products available for your specific goals.
  3. Complete full application online or during phone conversation and create a timeline to expedite plan.
  4. Finalize game plan and present checklist of necessary documents needed from you.
  5. Establish face-to-face meeting at location of your choice to review and sign lender disclosures and collect documents.
  6. Continued communication via e-mail and phone providing updates and requests during processing and underwriting.
  7. Final approval of your loan.
  8. Close

Our path to loan completion is very specific and extremely efficient.  This process is the same whether you are purchasing or refinancing and existing loan.  It is my goal to make your process stress-free and completely understandable.  It all starts with a phone call to learn your options.  I look forward to working with you.

Paul Krawczyk 
Tel.: 612-929-7758
NMLS 202532
MN and WI Licensed

Our singletrack focus is your home financing needs