Testimonial: Steven & Denise

“From the moment my wife and I contacted Paul, he lead us step by step through the mortgage process for our new home in Saint Paul.  He and his amazing team kept us updated on changing rates, what questions and documentation would be required for our mortgage, and in the end, provided us with a solid mortgage with very competitive rates.  During any closing, the buyers of a home usually have the lion’s share of paperwork and problems in coordinating the purchase.  It really is a testament to Paul and his team’s attention to detail, in dealing with the banks and the title company, that we were finished with the closing before the sellers of the home.  The sellers had to deal with separate payments, and bank issues.  In contrast, all of our paperwork was completed, and the funds properly transferred.  All my wife and I had to do was sign.  I would recommend Paul and his team at American Mortgage very highly!”


Steven & Denise, St Paul.